Romanesco – An Alien Veg in my Organic Veg Box Delivery

Beautiful isn’t it? A vegetable that could have been designed by Leonardo De Vinci or perhaps Michelangelo. I got one of these in my organic veg box delivery today and I can’t bring myself to cook and eat it – even if I knew how.


I’m exaggerating of course, I do know what it is and as far as cooking it is concerned you just treat it in the same way as a cauliflower or a nice piece of Brocolli, boil or steam and you can’t go far wrong. The recipe leaflet that came with it in my Riverford Veg Box delivery tells me that it also makes a fine salad ingredient and a recipe is included along those lines. Good old Riverford.

Romanesco, also known as the Roman Cauliflower, is part of the same family as Broccoli, Cauliflower and cabbage and is in fact an edible flower. I’ve been told that the lovely spirals follow the mathematic patterns described by the¬†Fibonacci sequence which keeps cropping up from time to time. I don’t know whether that’s technically correct but they certainly look good and that’s good enough for me – in fact it’s good enough for me if they just taste nice, and I’m happy to say that they do.

As I’ve said many times, it’s always nice to try new things and it’s thanks to organic veg box delivery companies like Abel & Cole and Riverford that many of us first become exposed to, what are to us, “new” vegetables and fruits. It’s perfectly OK for them to include unusual products in their deliveries so long as they are sensible and usable without a lot of preparation and without having to buy a lot of ingredients that most householders would not normally have. If, in order to enjoy the new item, you have to go out and buy a lot of expensive ingredients that you will probably not be able to use up before they go out of date, then it becomes very poor value and I think organic veg suppliers should keep that in mind. Everything in the box should be practical and usable for the average cook.

So I’ve welcomed my new Romanesco with open arms and it’s going to be steamed tonight and served with a nice piece of fish. I’m lucky enough to live in London with many fine food shops on my doorsteps, including a very fine fishmonger, which is where I’m off to now.

Until next time, as Riverford would say, “live life on the veg” – superb!

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