Fresh Organic Vegetables Delivered to your door

My Grandad Grew Fresh Organic Vegetables – and Never Even Knew It!

Of course, when my granddad was still around, there was no such thing as fresh organic veg box deliveries and he would have scoffed at the very idea of it.

Why? Because in those dark days when the UK was recovering from a devastating conflict with Nazi Germany, during which most food was rationed, everyone was encouraged to grow their own vegetables and to make use of every square inch of garden in order to do so.

Fresh Organic Vegetables Delivered to your door

Fresh Organic Vegetable Deliveries From Your Own Back Yard

So he did. He had a large garden and he filled it with every variety of fresh organic vegetables that it was possible to grow in the climate enjoyed by the UK at that time. The concept of organic food was yet to be conceived, let alone come into regular daily use as a description for food which was grown without the need for fertilisers and pesticides. True, he might have shoveled in the occasional bucket full of horse manure – for horses were still used as the power house of delivery vehicles in those days and were often to be seen in the streets so it was not considered uncool to follow them around with a bucket and spade and scoop up the goodness when it inevitably landed on the road.

Free, natural, organic fertiliser to help you to grow fresh organic food in your own garden.

So my grandma did, in fact, get a fresh organic food delivery every day – direct from her own back yard.

And what a back yard it was! To a small child like me it seemed to go on for ever. There was always something that was ready to pick, fresh organic food on tap, every day, all year round – Grandad had a rudimentary greenhouse as well so organic vegetables were on tap, even in the cold weather.

Removing peas from their pods was one of my favourite childhood memories. In those days before freezers were available or affordable by the general public, that was the only kind of pea we could get – apart from those ghastly tinned ones which, to be fair, we did occasionally have to revert to. There were also dried peas as well and those were very popular as they could be converted into a superfood called “mushy peas” which were a firm favourite with fish and chip shops all over the land – still are. Trouble is, you had to remember to soak them overnight or they were just like bullets and, in fact, were often used as such by young scallywags like me, equipped with a peashooter. You just didn’t go to the Saturday morning cinema show without one of those!

Anyway, getting back to the point, my grandmother had no need of an organic food delivery, she never had organic vegetables delivered to her door by anyone other than my grandfather, who grew them all himself.

Now, most of us would love to be able to do that – grow enough fresh organic vegetables in our own back garden to not need organic food delivery services at all – but we either don’t, or can’t. It takes a lot of time to build up such a garden. digging, planting , pruning, weeding and, when the time is absolutely right, picking the fresh organic vegetables that you have grown and taking them straight to the kitchen to be cooked and eaten. An idyllic image to hold onto as you plod around Sainsbury’s or your supermarket of choice looking for what they have flown in from some remote country in order to be able to offer most kinds of fresh vegetables all year round. We don’t seem to be content to just eat what is in season in this country anymore – like my grandfather had to do.

If, God forbid, we ever got embroiled in another conflict which required food to be rationed, how would we cope? You can’t just nip to B&Q and buy a garden in a box, ready for easy self assembly, no special tools required. It takes months, even years, to become anywhere near self-sufficient in even a very small number of fresh organic vegetables. Things have moved on, organic veg box deliveries are now increasingly available and most of the produce is grown on organic farms in this country – although the one I use still occasionally has to ship suitable alternatives in from overseas when the weather doesn’t play ball.

So, as I sit here in central London with a postage stamp sized garden that grows nothing but flowers and a few fresh strawberries from a plant we bought years ago and which refuses to die, despite our best efforts to ignore it, I’m grateful that there is a substitute for my dear old granddad – in food terms that is, he was special in lots of other ways too – we are able to get fresh organic vegetables delivered to our door, and we do. So should you, so why not contact your local fresh organic food delivery company today and start living off the land – even though it is someone else’s land and not your own back garden. That, we can keep promising ourselves, is a project for later. Much later!









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