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Facts About Environment Impact of Beef From Organic Food Delivery Supremo Guy Watson

My weekly organic food delivery in London is made by courtesy of Guy Watson’s excellent Riverford Organic Farms.

Every week I look forward to receiving my organic foodbox full of carefully grown and carefully chosen fresh organic vegetables. It’s nice to know that here in the middle of one of the world’s greatest cities it is still possible to get fresh organic foodboxes delivered to the doorstep at a very reasonable price.

Last week I saw a link to a video that Guy Watson and his team at Riverford had made regarding our consumption of meat – I’ve added the video below for you to check out, it is also available to view on Riverford’s YouTube channel along with many more on the subject of organic food delieries and other organic farming related subjects. The reason I’ve done this is because I believe that most people simply don’t appreciate the sheer scale of the damage done by our insistence in rearing livestock to provide food.

According to Guy, the total amount of CO2 that enters the atmosphere from emissions made by livestock and the processes that are related to them exceeds that of all the cars, trucks, trains and planes in the world, put together!

That’s a phenomenal statistic. I really didn’t realise that rain forest is still being destroyed at an alarming rate just to provide land to farm these animals. This is often in areas where the farmers are relatively poor and have few choices about how and where they farm in order to make a living.

Now, I have no moral viewpoint on whether people should, or should not, eat meat. I eat it myself and, for the time being at least, plan to keep on doing so. Perhaps, however, I might start to just eat vegetables and fruit for one or two days a week – I get one of Guy’s lovely organic veg box deliveries every week so there is plenty of choice. Maybe, if we all did that then the environmental impact of our meat eating habits would be reduced and that would benefit the environment no end. Even if you watch the video and do nothing, at least you’ll be ware of the potential harm being done as it becomes necessary to increase yet again the world’s stock of animals bred just to provide food.

I have no affiliation to Riverford Organic Farms and I’ve never met Guy Watson but I do believe he has exactly the right attitude towards organic food deliveries and other matters regarding food production, distribution and preparation. I’ve increased the scope of my organic vegetable consumption immensely by virtue of the fact that, every week, I get a box full of good stuff together with helpful recipes to assist me in turning the contents of the organic veg box into delicious and nutritious meals.

Watch the video and make your own mind up – it’s really good to see someone so passionate about good organic food actually practicing what they preach.

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