Organic Fruit and vegetables

Develop a Vast Vegetable Vocabulary with an Organic Foodbox Delivery

I have to be honest, until I started having a regular organic food delivery, in particular an organic veg box delivery, my knowledge of vegetables was a bit limited.

Then, quite by chance, a door-to-door salesperson happened to call, promoting an organic food delivery service operated by one of the big players in the game – Riverford. Until then I had only heard of London-based Abel & Cole and, had their sales team beaten Riverford Farm’s sales team to my door, I would have signed up with them instead.

It isn’t often that a salesperson changes your life for the better but this one did. Two years down the road and a fresh organic vegetable delivery every single week I now know how to recognise, identify, prepare and cook a much wider variety of organic fruit and vegetables than I ever thought possible.

Organic Fruit and vegetables

Get to Know Your Organic Fruit and Vegetables

I now know how to cook Kale, saute spinach, stir fry a kohlrabi and do nice things to Swiss chard. What’s more, I am now aware of what a beetroot looks like before it gets pickled and put into a jar full of vinegar and childhood memories of removing broad beans and peas from their pods before you can eat them have been restored now that I do those things once again, on a regular basis.

Thanks to my new status as a veg box aficionado, I am much more creative with courgettes, cabbage and carrots and now that I know what pak choi is and what it looks like, I can cook it in several different ways – all of which taste very good.

But we are, of course, talking about organic fruit and vegetables, not just organic vegetables, and my education just goes on and on, my organic horizons widening all the time. I didn’t know much about avocados except that I had always thought that I wouldn’t like them but, guess what, I really do. I now include them in my salads and they also make regular appearances in my breakfast smoothies.

Organic onions are used in many of my increasing range of dishes and, since my organic veg box seems to contain leeks on a regular basis, I have learned just how versatile that particular vegetable is – we now stir fry leeks, saute leeks and include them in many other dishes such as casseroles and vegetable stews.

Salads Don’t Have To Be Simple When You Have Organic Fruit and Vegetables to Work With

Salads too have benefited from the increased availability of organic fruit and vegetables in my weekly foodbox delivery. No longer do I just open a bag of mixed crispy salad leaves from the supermarket and throw them onto a plate – now we have regular rocket and other unusual salad leaves, including, I suspect on at least one occasion, dandelion leaves, in our adventurous salads. There is still, of course, an active part to be played by cucumbers and tomatoes but at least they are now organic celery and organic tomatoes.

In my pre organic veg box delivery days, butternut squashes were always something to look at and admire rather than actually coming to grips with. Now that they appear quite often in my delivery, I use them in curries, soups, stems and stir fries. It’s a shame about the tough skin and the plethora of seeds and other stuff that you find inside them but they do taste good so needs must.

Raid the Recipe Sites including Abel and Cole and Riverford Farms

Thanks to the recipe sections on websites by Abel and Cole and Riverford Farms, there is no shortage of ideas for things to do with your vegetables so remember to visit those regularly, I know I certainly do and my cooking skills have been expanded accordingly.

All in all then, my decision to have a regular weekly organic food delivery has certainly changed me for the better and my vegetable vocabulary just keep on growing – I’m lucky that companies like Abel and Cole and Riverford Farms, among others, make regular organic food deliveries across most of the country.








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