Are Organic Food Deliveries Available In Your Area?

Living, as I do, in central London, there are plenty of organic food delivery services available to me and I make use of at least one of them every week. In addition to this I have only to walk a few hundred yards and I am in Broadway Market, (not Borough Market, which is much bigger), where there are many organic vegetable suppliers and a host of other specialist suppliers, including a fishmonger. I know that many people are not yet lucky enough to be getting organic food deliveries to their doors but I hope that this will change over time.

I do realise, however, that not everyone is as lucky as me and in some areas of the UK there are no local organic foodbox delivery services available. This is due, I believe, to the problems and costs of delivery and distribution rather than the availability of the produce itself. It is good to see that more and more organic food delivery schemes are springing up across the country and not just in London.

The message I want to try to spread is this – if you are given the chance to try a fresh foodbox delivery in your area, perhaps one of the companies in this market are testing your area out then please, if you can, support it. Give it a try and help them to develop the service in your area so that more people will be able to benefit from it. If suppliers make sales then they can make the facility available to more people and that is good for everyone because it will encourage more growers to make the difficult, time consuming and expensive, switch to organic production.

There is also, of course, the issue of price and cost for both the supplier and the customer. Organic food deliveries involve an element of cost for the delivery itself and that cost has to be recouped by the supplier. I was, incidentally, also very surprised to learn that the strong cardboard boxes used to deliver the organic food in are quite expensive, costing over £1 each for the larger ones! The obvious message here is to really try hard to recycle them – one supplier tells me that they can use the same box up to ten times which clearly makes sense on both cost and environmental grounds.

If you live in an area where there doesn’t seem to be anyone providing organic food deliveries at the moment then it might be worth emailing or otherwise contacting some of the well known suppliers and asking them if they have plans to extend their service to your locality – you never know, your enquiry might be just the encouragement they need to launch such a service.

Please drop us a line and let us know how you get on – the more suppliers of organic foodboxes there are, the better.







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