Organic recipe box from your organic food box delivery company

Does Your Organic Food Delivery Company Provide an Organic Recipe Box Service?

Since starting to receive a weekly organic food delivery in London, I have greatly improved my knowledge of vegetables and how to prepare them.

In doing so I have become a much more enthusiastic cook than I ever was before. If I had more time on my hands I would, undoubtedly, become a much more proficient and adventurous enthusiastic cook, but there is a problem.

It isn’t just the time you need to do the actual cooking that’s the problem – it is finding the time to go out and source the ingredients that are required to make your intended dish, after having first scoured the Internet for suitable recipes.


In search of the missing ingredient for my organic food recipe

In fact, building up a store cupboard of ingredients has been one of my biggest problems. My main niggle is that of wastage. Suppose that you find a recipe that you want to cook and it requires one or two ingredients that you haven’t already got. These are, very often, quite unusual ingredients that you don’t usually buy and which can sometimes be hard to source. For example, I recently wanted to try a new recipe for a salad dressing, having just received some lovely salad items in my weekly organic veg box delivery that I thought would go well with it. I then noticed that the recipe required some buttermilk, which is not something I have had much experience with and did not normally buy. So, out I went to my local supermarket which happens to be a Sainsbury’s Express store. No buttermilk in sight and the staff didn’t really know what it was, so that was mission aborted and I made do with a jar of Hellmanns mayo diluted with a splosh of olive oil and a teaspoon of cider vinegar.

The main Sainsbury’s branch, a mile or so away in Whitechapel, did have the required item so all was not lost – just about an hour or so to make the trip the following day, get parked, walk around the store and then queuing for a good ten minutes to check out.

So here’s the point – trying a simple recipe for something relatively straightforward like a salad dressing to around two hours and cost quite a bit more than a ready made jar of even the finest salad dressing money could buy. That, however, is not the only problem, or even the biggest problem. The biggest drawback to the above approach is wastage. You don’t often use buttermilk in day to day cooking and the same is true of many other ingredients as well so you end up using two tablespoons of the stuff, putting the rest in the fridge for a week or two and then throwing it out or, in my case, end up trying to hide my embarrassment when my lovely cleaner shows me something she’s found in the back of the fridge that has acquired a new green fur coat and asks whether I want to keep it.

Organic recipe box deliveries from your organic food delivery company

Which is why I decided to write this short article. There is a solution out there waiting to be discovered – its called the recipe box delivery and it solves all of the above problems in one hit.

Riverford Organic Farms, my current organic veg box delivery provider, have started to offer a recipe box option – in fact they offer several. They are not the only ones to do this but for the moment they are my supplier so I’m going to use them as an example.

Their organic recipe boxes are a really convenient way to cook as they deliver everything needed in order to make tasty organic home-cooked meals. The boxes contain fresh, seasonal organic produce along with step-by-step recipes and all of those pesky ingredients in the exact quantities that are needed to make the dish – no wastage.

As they say themselves, this approach means there is “No waste. No missing vital ingredients – All you have to do is cook”. Sounds good to me.

On the downside, it has to be said, that these are not cheap meals, the average cost is between £10 and £15 per meal for two people. This includes the delivery charge however. Not a low cost way to eat perhaps but if you factor in the waste reduction and claim back the time taken to source unusual ingredients whether online or in the flesh, it is probably a price worth paying.

So lets make life easy for ourselves and order a fresh organic recipe box from our organic food delivery company and expand our cooking horizons still further.









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