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Romanesco – An Alien Veg in my Organic Veg Box Delivery

Beautiful isn’t it? A vegetable that could have been designed by Leonardo De Vinci or perhaps Michelangelo. I got one of these in my organic veg box delivery today and I can’t bring myself to cook and eat it – even if I knew how. I’m exaggerating of course, I do know what it is […]


Could Organic Courgettes Be The Most Versatile Vegetable?

I know that there is serious competition for the title of “Most Versatile Vegetable” and that most people will have their own idea as to which vegetable it is but I’m pinning my colours onto the versatile mini-marrow, ¬†organic courgettes. It is often claimed that a courgette is a marrow that is harvested before it […]

Organic Fruit and vegetables

Develop a Vast Vegetable Vocabulary with an Organic Foodbox Delivery

I have to be honest, until I started having a regular organic food delivery, in particular an organic veg box delivery, my knowledge of vegetables was a bit limited. Then, quite by chance, a door-to-door salesperson happened to call, promoting an organic food delivery service operated by one of the big players in the game […]

What is Organic farming

What Is Organic Farming?

So exactly what is organic farming? – the Soil Association defines it as follows: “Organic farming recognises the direct connection between our health and how the food we eat is produced. Artificial fertilisers are banned and farmers develop fertile soil by rotating crops and using compost, manure and clover.” More and more people are asking […]

Mrs Lovell's Greengrocer fruit box

Hurrah for Hubbub – Artisan & Organic Food Deliveries In London

Why I’m Making a fuss about Hubbub! It’s no secret that I love fresh organic vegetables, locally produced organic meat and other fine food, including my absolute favourite – artisan cheeses. Even though I live in London, within a few hundred yards of one of London’s most up-and-coming food markets, Broadway Market, and lots of […]

Are Organic Food Deliveries Available In Your Area?

Living, as I do, in central London, there are plenty of organic food delivery services available to me and I make use of at least one of them every week. In addition to this I have only to walk a few hundred yards and I am in Broadway Market, (not Borough Market, which is much […]

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