Organic Foodboxes – What’s That All About?

Most of us don’t get the chance to do our veg, or indeed meat, shopping at a farmers market or at outlets where organic vegetables and other organic food is plentiful.

For most of us city dwellers, the supermarket is where we have to go for most of our food requirements and the availability of organic foodboxes and organic vegetables may not quite have come of age.

Now this isn’t designed as an attack on supermarkets. They do their best to provide good produce at a fair price and that isn’t easy these days. Contrary to what many people believe, supermarkets do not operate on massive profit margins and the challenge of providing organic alternatives at a reasonable cost has been, and remains, a considerable one.

In recent years we have begun to see an increase in the availability of organic food boxes and organic veg boxes in particular, for doorstep delivery. Several large scale operators have made this service available in many towns and cities throughout the UK, often on a franchised basis.

These services are generally very good, but there is room for improvement and that will come as demand increases and logistics are perfected. I am a fervent admirer of the UK organic farmer, in fact all farmers who adhere to such stringent standards, both for vegetables and for livestock, and I want to give them all the support I can.

Whatever your views on the use of pesticides and other non-organic methods of farming, we must all surely strive to keep our countryside both beautiful and bountiful and acknowledge and support the efforts of those who strive to make it so.






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